Cloud-U Telecoms

Cloud-U, placing great importance on customer satisfaction, offers two vertical support sectors:

  • Customer Technical Support Sector  

As part of providing comprehensive solutions, the Customer Technical Support Sector offers valuable services to the company's customers after product sale, including installation, commissioning, training, and long-term maintenance. This is achieved through highly trained technical staff and modern technological equipment.

  • Large Project Implementation Sector

Cloud-U's ability to study, design, and implement large and complex projects in the field of advanced technology, both in the Public and Private sectors, tends to establish the company as one of the leading Business Integrators in Greece.

Serving through a Comprehensive Technical Support Services package (tTSA) and fully satisfying the complex needs and requirements of the company's major clients is a priority area of its business philosophy.

To achieve the above goal, Cloud-U has highly specialized technical and scientific personnel, whose mission includes, among other things:

  1. Participation in the preparation of proposals for bidding on projects.
  2. Exploration of potential subcontractor participation for ongoing projects and contract negotiation.

Supervision of the administrative and executive implementation of projects to ensure their quality.

At Cloud-U, you will find INTEGRATED SUPPORT SERVICES, consisting of the following:

  • Advisory services,
  • Subcontracting
  • Implementation of advanced technology solutions, including Installation and commissioning, programming, demonstration, user and administrator training.
  • Comprehensive Technical Support (tTSA), before and after sales, through annual or multi-year maintenance contracts.
  • Customer and partner training

Select one of the subcategories below:


Solution Implementation

At Cloud-U, we have a team of trained technicians who install systems throughout Greece and beyond.



At Cloud-U, we transform our experience and expertise into valuable advice for leveraging new technologies..



The customer training we provide is aimed at the employees and/or executives of an organization..


Sub - Contracts

We offer subcontracting for the entire spectrum of services to larger-scale technology project contractors (prime contractors).


Penetration Test

A penetration test is a process that evaluates the security of a system or network..


Total Technical Support

The offered service (Total TECHNICAL SUPPORT AGREEMENT - tTSA) on an annual basis through a maintenance contract..


Contact Support Team

The main mission of HELP-DESK Technical Support, is to manage every request for a fault report.

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