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Our smart hotel solutions, whether with technology from Ericsson-lg or ALCATEL LUCENT help hotels, cruise ships, and restaurants create a guest experience that is immediate, mobile, and secure. We provide solutions that offer an exceptionally personalized guest connection for mobile devices, robust Wi-Fi connectivity, and smart room experiences. Our solutions also provide rich data, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Develop your business with the smart hotel solutions we offer:

In more detail, our company offers a comprehensive integrated solution that consists and completes the following categories:

(information & communication technology)

Telecommunications & Active networking equipment (switches-routers, etc.) IP telephone exchanges

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Storage
  • Data centers
  • Cyber security
(optical fibers - copper cables - terminations - network certifications)
IT INCLUDES Study, Installation & Certification of Data/Voice networks from structured cabling to the final solution.
  • Dimensioning of active/passive
  • Structured cabling (copper and Optical)
  • Wireless Networks (PtP, PtMP, WiFi)
  • Wired Networks (Switching, Routing, Firewalling)
  • FTTO Networks (Fiber To The Office)
  • FTTH Networks (Fiber To The Home) G.PON (Implement for Hotels)
  • IPTV
  • Cables - optical fibers

(Study, Design, Installation, and Support of Integrated Solutions for Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), Surveillance Systems)

  • Space measurement and Needs Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Visitation - Counting
  • Recordings
  • Space measurement and Needs Analysis
  • Estimates

We implement solutions with public address, music, and voice alarm announcement systems from leading manufacturers. These systems can be used in small and large installations, such as airports, public buildings, shopping centers, supermarkets, ships, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Our systems can divide areas to allow separate programmed message transmission, play different music from a digital list in each zone, have different sound intensities, etc. They are also used for the effective evacuation of the area in case of emergency, e.g., fire. The announcement system can be combined with other security systems (alarm system, cameras, access, fire alarm) for maximum security.

(rapid composters)

The proposed machines of Norwegian origin practically eliminate organic waste without odors and hygiene problems at the source [reducing up to 90% of the volume in one or two days].

Special process produces fertilizer for use in enriching cultivable soils in a short time. The need for waste transportation is reduced between 70-90% overall and 100% at the level of organics. 

It provides additional specific environmental benefits such as no methane or other gas production, zero production of inactive residue.

They are available in various sizes [from 70 kilograms per day to 1.5 tons daily].

The systems are automatic, have odorless operation, operate 24 hours a day, have remote management and special protection automation, while being manufactured to the highest European standards.

e.g., stadiums, parking lots
Our solution is comprehensive and provides the following advantages compared to conventional and other LED systems:
  • The highest possible quality of construction [multiple patents]
  • significantly greater power savings [up to 81%],
  • absolute savings in maintenance and consumables [100% reduction]
  • show lighting capability
  • high-quality lighting [high-quality and high-performance LEDs]
  • lighting uniformity [absolute uniformity]
  • minimal installation requirements
  • zero electrical losses and high safety levels
  • Additionally, the indicative cost includes the automatic management system with multiple lighting scenarios [half field, training lighting, match lighting, etc.].
  • The products have a long lifespan [60,000 hours => over 15-20 years], are certified according to all European and International standards, and are competitively priced.
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