Voice transmission systems

(Telephone Centers)

Integrated telecommunication solutions for individuals and businesses with over 10 years experience in voice over ip (VoIP).
Our goal is to cover all existing communication needs, integrating all available applications with the unified communications,
with which the company to be able to cope with the challenges of the modern world.

Extensive flexibility and capabilities New communications technologies offer enormous possibilities and facilities.
IP-based VoIP telephony is the voice transfer technology (and others like fax) via IP packets.

Active switch equipment

(Switchers, Routers)

The increasing volume of data being trafficked on a network, the need to transfer
audio and video, the continued development of networking applications, and he
increase in the processing power of computing systems are factors that force larger
networking manufacturers to continuously evolve their systems.

In cooperation with the major manufacturers of Routers, Switches and WiFi systems,
we provide solutions that meet the above-mentioned needs while providing
uninterrupted, secure and easy access to the network.

Νetwork management systems

By “Network Management” we mean the process of automated (or as automated) control of any computer network so that its maintenance costs are as small as possible and its performance is best.

It consists of a set of functions, actions, processes and tools used to control operation and to operate the network

Wireless networks

(Dect, Wi-fi)

Find CloudU Telecoms network products wired and wireless wifi, routers, modems,
antennas, switches, 4G routers, access points, RF-elements.

In addition, cash machines, tax instruments and commercial applications.

Value added application

(Call centers, Unified communication, Ivr, Voice recorders)

All data published in CloudU is automatically made available through multiple Open Internet Services and APIs, enabling everyone to develop applications and value added services.

Security systems

(Alarm, Cameras, Image recording)

Our security systems incorporate advanced technologies such as Smart Arming Management, Smart Time Management, and the revolutionary All Day Secure to make the system as easy as possible.

A single touch on the keyboard is enough to ensure maximum security at all times.

Structured cables

Structured cabling is a building or campus cable infrastructure that consists of a series of standardized smaller elements (therefore structured) called subsystems.

Integrated support services

Integrated Support Services (ISS) provide governments and businesses with predictable business-focused support services that optimize operations, manage risks and offer measurable business value.

We are a dedicated team, working with passion, and always trying to keep you up-to-date with the latest technology. Cloud-U will be on your side when it comes to keeping your systems operational and at the lowest possible cost.

Talk with an expert

an expert will be at your disposal to discuss your project, listen to your
needs, and design a solution that meets your needs.